Together with Kafti we have been invited by Willson & Brown to co-develop the Design Zone as part of the VI Mazovian Development Forum. The Forum is an annual event focused on showcasing innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity in the Mazovian region (central Poland). This year the number of visitors reached 1,600 people over two days.

The Design Zone was one of a number of thematic areas presenting, e.g. the most innovative Polish companies, university campuses as well as ideas for smart cities. It was important to us to demonstrate the real value of design in XXI century economy, business, public services and society.

Together with Monika Brauntsch from Kafti, Weronika developed a simple but powerful concept for the exhibition. Four stages of the design process (Discover | Define | Develop | Deliver) were showcased through real examples of Polish companies and organisations using design in their day-to-day operations.

Alessandro was responsible for the exhibition design and production management, realised with the Willson & Brown team.

The programme of the Design Zone also included presentations, panel discussions and workshops around design and business.

Photos: Damian Płatek, Willson & Brown

  • Client - Willson & Brown
  • Date Completed - 7-8.10.2015