“Dialogue in the Dark” invites visitors to leave the world‘s visual cacophony behind and to experience a completely non-visual world. It opens the visitors’ eyes showing them that the world of the blind, the world of the “other”, is in no way poorer – just different.

The exhibition consists of a series of scenarios in complete darkness, such as a public park, a bustling city street, a food market, a boat or a café. Passing through these dark zones assisted by their visually impaired facilitator, they begin to explore the dark world with their other senses: sound, smell and touch. While visitors perceive everything in a completely new way their visually impaired facilitators provide support throughout the entire tour, as to them this world is “visible”.

ThinkDO Studio was responsible for production of the original scenography from the “Dialogue in the Dark” project, adapted by NA1 Arquitetura e Design for Unibes Cultural in São Paulo.


  • Client - Unibes Cultural
  • Date Completed - 07-08.2015